We would love to clean your carpets in Alpine, Utah. We use a state of the art, powerful, truck mounted system to ensure the cleanest and most efficient cleaning jobs. Ask us about pricing specials for Alpine residents and schedule your carpet cleaning appointment today!  We always include pre-treatment of spots and high traffic areas, deodorizing and disinfecting at no additional charge.

If you’re looking to get your carpets cleaned in the Alpine area, look no further than Kelly’s Deep Clean. We are thrilled to serve the Alpine, Utah area. Our state of the art, truck mounted system will exceed all of your carpet cleaning needs. We’ll have your carpets looking new in no time.

carpet cleaning in Alpine, Utah

Improving the Life of Carpets in Alpine, Utah

Whether you’re doing a little spring cleaning, sprucing up a house to sell, or just a regular cleaning, our professional carpet cleaners will bring your home to the next level with fresh, clean floors.
Over time, carpets naturally wear down, but with some professional cleaning you can bring yours back their former glory. It’s much easier (and more cost efficient) to take care of your carpets than it is to replace them.
Invest now before your carpets get too stained and faded to save. With our services, your carpeting won’t only look better, it will smell better too! Have your house looking and smelling great within hours.
Contact us today to get a special rate for Alpine locations. Our pricing includes pre-treatment of any spots or high traffic areas that may need a little extra attention, deodorizing, or disinfecting. Call now to schedule your appointment!

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