You’ve tried everything, from vinegar solutions to store-bought chemical cleaners — to no avail. What’s more, you might make your carpet look worse with DIY cleaning.

Call our professional carpet cleaners at Kelly’s Deep Clean Carpet Cleaning. For more than two decades, we have been the carpet cleaning company American Fork residents trust for safe and effective stain removal.

Pet dander, spilled soda — no stain is too tough for our professional, experienced team. With our professional carpet cleaning services, you get:

A Healthier Home

Your carpet is home to bacteria dust mites and other allergens that may cause respiratory problems. While they may be invisible to the naked eye, they can take over your home and cause health problems. Vacuuming certainly helps lift some of the dirt and debris from your carpet, but this alone may not eliminate contaminants. Our team uses professional-grade products to clean and sanitize your home.

Mold Prevention

Carpets are susceptible to mold growth. This is especially true in American Fork, where we have humid summers. Additionally, in the winter, walking on your carpet with wet boots pushes moisture deep into the carpet fibers, which encourages mold growth. Calling our professionals for routine carpet cleaning helps you keep your carpet safe from moisture and mold.

Longer Carpet Life

Regular professional upkeep will help you keep your carpet in top shape all year-round. Our professionals are trained and experienced, so you have peace of mind, knowing we will preserve your carpet’s quality.

What We Can Do for You

The Kelly’s Deep Clean team can take on any residential and commercial carpet cleaning challenge. We use child- and pet-safe products that are earth-friendly. We specialize in:

  • Truck-Mounted Steam Cleaning
  • Chemical Dry Cleaning
  • Spot Removal
  • Flood Services

To give you affordable carpet cleaning estimates, we use a price-per-square-foot model. This way, you can be sure you are not overpaying for carpet cleaning.

Call us today at (801) 756-4874.

carpet cleaning in American Fork, Utah

Free Carpet Cleaning Estimates in American Fork, Utah

If you’re living or working in the American Fork area, give us a call for a free estimate! We are confident that we can give you the best price and cleanest carpets. Whether you need your home looking like new or want to freshen up things in your office—we’ve got you covered. Our safe, non-toxic, and pet safe carpet cleaning solution can get the job done without a doubt. No carpet is too dirty for us! Our services will have your carpet looking and smelling like new in no time.

Restore your carpet to their former glory in a matter of hours with Kelly’s Deep Clean. It’s much cheaper to invest in carpet cleaning than it is to repair your carpets after years of stains. Call us at 801-756-4874 to get a price quote for your area or schedule an appointment.

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