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Removing Pet Stains From Your Carpet

Everyone loves their pets but sometimes our pets and our carpets are not a good combination. Everybody has had it happen… pet accidents on the carpet – ugh! Kelly’s Deep Clean has had over 25 years of experience of cleaning carpets and removing pet stains from carpets. We use specially formulated enzymes designed specifically for […]

ScotchGuard Protection For Newly Cleaned Carpets

ScotchGuard treatments protect your carpets and furniture from stains and discoloration due to dirt, food, spills or wear and tear. We would highly recommend you treat your carpets each time you clean them if your room endures high foot traffic.  If you have just gone to the effort to get your carpets professionally cleaned, or […]

Utah County Carpet Cleaning

There are many great resources out there for cleaning carpets to people who live in the Utah county area. Everyone uses different methods and they all probably work just fine! That being said, we pride ourselves on being locally owned and operated from right here in American Fork! We have been cleaning carpets in the […]

Kellys Deep Clean Carpet Cleaning Tips

One of the biggest worries for a carpet cleaner is furniture. Often times we travel alone or have a small team of help. Your furniture is valuable and we would hate to be responsible for anything happening to it. Prior to a carpet cleaners arrival, have your most precious pieces of furniture moved out of […]