ScotchGuard Protection For Newly Cleaned Carpets

ScotchGuard treatments protect your carpets and furniture from stains and discoloration due to dirt, food, spills or wear and tear.

We would highly recommend you treat your carpets each time you clean them if your room endures high foot traffic.  If you have just gone to the effort to get your carpets professionally cleaned, or even if you cleaned them yourself – it would be wise to prevent further wear and tear from all your friends and family coming in and out.

Your home is your investment. Don’t gamble with something that is worth so much -financially and emotionally.


  • Preserve the look of your carpets. Don’t let the dingy “black walking trail” take over your carpeted areas.
  • Freshen up the scent of your home. After cleaning, your carpets will maintain a longer, more fresh, scent.
  • Protect for a longer lasting investment. Your carpet is one of those things you don’t think much about until it’s ruined or smelly.


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